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Rockytop Gardens


April 1, 2015

Welcome to year 2015! The new catalog is in the mail and should have already arrived at many of your homes. Printing a catalog is a learning adventure and your comments (and criticism) is always appreciated.

At last! Thermometer has passed the 70 degree mark! At this point our season is 2-3 weeks behind schedule, but today it looks and feels like spring might actually be on its way!


A Star Is Born, Adventurous, Arro Reece, Arthouse, Ballerina Queen, Be Still My Heart, Beth's Blessings, Bev, Bev's Babe, Blueberry Fudge, Border Skirmish, Bright Sunshiny Day, Cafe Viva, Calizona Gold, Candy Colours, Cardinal Rule, Cinnamon Bells, Clip Art, Cosmic Collision, Craig's List, Edifice, Emblematic, Fixation, Futuristic Finery, Gasper, Georgia's Dream, Ghost Writer, Go West, Golden Gaga,Grateful Red, Hearts on Fire, Here in Silence, Hint of Danger, Howler, I Wuv Woses, Impertinent, Jerry Marchwinski, Just a Kiss Away, Lacy Lemon, Landgraefin Elisabeth, Linda Laing, Love of Life, Mango Queen, Mary Contrary, Mayan Mysteries, Midnight Embers, Molten Flame, Nah, New Found Glory, Oil Painting, Polite Applause, Rags to Riches, Regal View, Repitition, Rim of Fire, Rocky Brook Lady, Roll the Dice, Romantico, Royal Disposition, Same Dream Twice, Sammie's Jammies, Sapphire Lace, Sneak a Peek, Softly Waiting, Soul Mate, Spring Awakening, Sunset Plaza, Sweet Svengali, Tobacco Chew, Twilight of the Gods, Western Ambiance, Whisper Her Name and Yours Truly.

A pdf file of our 2015 catalog can be accessed here as always. When you open the file, you will find an order blank on page 29 that you can print and mail, fax or email to us. Page 30 will explain shipping, postage and handling fees. If you are not on our mailing list, you can purchase a 2 year subscription to our catalog by mailing $5 and your copy of this year's catalog will be rushed to you by first class mail.

Without our wonderful customers we would not exist and we thank you for each and every one of your good orders. If you have questions, email is monitored daily and will get you the quickest response.

Farming is always a challenging operation in our part of the world. We love living in the country where the grass is lush, trees are everywhere and at any moment rain can arrive without warning!

Wishing you a great bloom season in your own private paradise.

With all good wishes,




Rockytop Gardens 
  Eagleville, Tennessee 37060
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