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Rockytop Gardens


April 5, 2014


Dear Iris Friends:

Our frigid winter cold temperatures are warming and I am beginning to believe that spring is actually on its way!

I hope you are enjoying the catalog and find new varieties that you just have to have in your garden. It has been in the mail for 2 months now and there are some varieties no longer available. I would remind you the best way to contact me for further information is by email.


Here is the newest updated "SOLD OUT" list:

Adventurous, Again and Again, Auntie Claudia, Autumn Sunburst, Baby I Love You, Bahia Cooler, Be Original, Bejeweled, Beth's Blessing, Better Than Butter, Bev's Babe, Blueberry Fudge, Blued Indigo, Bohemian Garnets, Boundless, Bravery, Bright Sunshiny Day, Brilliant Idea, Buga Gera, Caitlan Hammeran, Calizona Gold, Cardinal Rule, Center Ice, Christmas Eve, Class Ring, Cloudbase, Code Blue, Cold Fusion, Corey Remembered, Cosmic Celebration, Craig's List, Darn Tootin', Dazzle, Dewucwhatic, Dragon Dance, Duce, Edge of the World, El Greco, Enjoyment, Exhibitionist, Expect Wonders, Fallalary, Famous Last Words, Father Christmas, First Stitch, Fixation, Fratello Sole, Gaudy is Good, Greenbrier Pinnacle, Have a Goodun', Hello Happiness, Hopeless Romantic, I Hope You Dance, I Wuv Woses, Icy Winds, If Not for You, Illusionist, Inner Child, Ivory Ghost, Just a Kiss Away, La Gloriosa, Lake Taneycomo, Le Part Des Agnes, Love Lilt, Loving You, Magnanimous, Marching Orders, Midnight Embers, Modern Drama, Molten Flame, Monet's Sky, Moon Spirit, Night Train to Memphis, Note to God, Once in a Lullaby, One More Night, Opposites, Original Art, Pale Fire, Passionate Kisses, Point of No Return, Polite Applause, Pontificate, Pop Tart, Pretty Ballerina, Pretty Kitty, Purdue Pete, Put Another Nickel In, Queen's Ransom, Quixotic, Quizzical, Raging River, Ray Dale Kerr, Regal View, Rim of Fire, Role Reversal, Rosy Forecast, Round of Applause, Russian Violet, Sammie's Jammies, Seek the Glow, Single Malt, Smoky Shadows, Solar Drama, Spectacle, Spice Trader, Star Appeal, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Sunburst, Sun Chic, Surfer's Dream, Tango Amigo, Tobacco Chew, Treasured, Tropical Garden, Twilight of the Gods, Typical Tom, Uninhibited, Valera Romili, Vanilla Frappe, Wedding Night, Whitewater Rapids, Winning Hand & Yalobusha Desert.


We are grateful for your business and remain anxious to please each of you and wishing each of you a wonderful bloom season!

With all good wishes!

Phil Williams



Rockytop Gardens 
  Eagleville, Tennessee 37060
Telephone:  (615) 274-6426         Fax:  (615) 274-6634